TEXT: Psalms 40: 1-17

Did your news paper have much good news in it this week. The worlds good news seems to be in short supply. Economic problems, rising prices, political indifferences, bad relationship in industry (strikes upon strikes), we have them all. Thank God that there is good news to tell after all.

“I waited patiently for the Lord;” v1
There are seven blessings that are attached to waiting on the Lord, namely:
1. He turned toward me. v1
2. He did hear me. v1
3. He brought me up out of an horrible pit (sin is always horrible). v2
4. Out of the miry clay (mud of corruption). v2
5. He set my feet upon a rock. v2
6. He established my ways (changed my life from guilty to being justified; sinfulness to holiness). v2
7. He put a new song in my mouth. v3
If God could do that for a trouble-prone frequently mixed up character like David, can He not do the same for people like us today?

Where does His promise begin? V4. “Blessed is the man:
” who makes the Lord his trust.
” who does not turn to the proud.
” Who does not turn to lies (go astray after false gods).

How may we become sure of God? ” V5. THROUGH REMEMBERING the Lord’s many acts of goodness to us and to all men.
” V7-8. THROUGH UNDERSTANDING that we can never earn blessings from the Lord; only receive them – and serve Him in love and gratitude. (Lo, I come – Here I am) An obedient servant.
” V12. THROUGH CONFESSING that our own poor efforts have led to disastrous failure.
” V13. THROUGH ADMITTING that only the Lord can deliver.
” V17. THROUGH BELIEVING that He is our help.

Conclusion: Does it really look as though the world knows a better way ( Isaiah 30: 21; John 14:6)?

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