When God made man a free will moral agent, He imposed upon him the privilege and responsibility of making decisions.


Decision is courage put into action. It is choosing alternatives from the best information and the best knowledge we have.

Most of us are not called on to decide questions of war or peace or the fate of nations or individuals, but we never know when circumstances and opportunity are going to make it necessary for us to make important decisions. “Every persons business is important.”


“Behold the turtle: he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”


Each indecision brings its own delays and we are soon caught in a hopeless muddle of confusion. “Man is born to act, and those who do not act are the mere spectators of life.”


The ability to make decisions comes from:

  • The confidence born of success
  • From a thoughtful assignment of ourselves and our goals in life
  • A determination for self-improvement

There is no job so humble or so routine that it does not involve decision. Man is not a machine … he can be an active, thinking, planning, positive, determined, decisive individual. “The wavering mind is but a base possession.” Euripides


Some important thoughts:

The highest exercise of will comes when man decides to accept Christ and follow Him. But, this is not the last decision a Christian is called to make.

  • Morals decisions about good and evil will confront the Christian all his life. (Deuteronomy 30: 15)
  • Public profession must be accompanied with actual and willing service. (Joshua 24: 15)
  • Deciding between material goods and Christ turns many away from true discipleship. (Mark 10: 21)
  • The fate of Christ in the world always depends upon the decision of the people. (Matthew 27: 17)



Dear God, give us such strong wills and decisive hearts that Christ may never ask us, “Will ye also go away?” (John 6: 67)

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