” Your faith, your life “

James 1 : 22
” But don’t just listen to Gods word. You must do what it says. Otherwise you are only fooling yourselves “

Along our journey of faith we would have come across todays scripture at regular intervals but do we really understand its essence.
Too often we use scripture as a feel good tool, we remember cause they sound good or that we may seem intellectual but the truth is scripture is here to guide our lives forward. We are told that we should not just listen to Gods word but to also implement it in our lives as well as the lives of those around us – the interesting point is that by us not doing that we actually make ourselves a fool.

You see the enemy is actually looking at us and laughing for we are making his job so much easier – he knows the power in Gods word but he also recognises our lack of trust / ability in engaging with it. Would you ever buy a new vehicle to park it off all the time or a new home to leave it empty and rent elsewhere instead – it just does not make sense.

Similarly we are placed in the same situation when it concerns our faith and daily living. Why should we be tempted to complain and be discouraged when we have all of the answers / solutions in our Bible. The truth is we may never understand God, His word or our purpose unless we get involved – so let us make today a moment that marks the beginning of our growth in God and His word.
This is our life, it is time we made the most of all that we have been given and allow for Gods word to dwell within. Let us not forget that Gods presence comes alive in us through His word, so let the power of His Spirit reign in and through us.

Heavenly Father we thank you for this day and for the light that dawns upon us with your presence. Lord God we thank you for the encouragement you bring and we bless your Holy Name for your precious word. Even though we may face struggles and trials we rest upon your word which is a lamp unto our feet. Let your power manifest in and through us and may we give all glory, praise and honour to you through what Jesus Christ achieved on the Cross at Calvary. We bless your Holy Name Father God. Amen.

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