When Things Become Unmanageable

We all go through times when things threaten to overwhelm us and our faith appears to be an inadequate defense. It seems as if our circumstances are continually worsening, our relationships suffer grievous blows and everything suddenly appears unmanageable.

What is exactly happening is that you have allowed the challenges of the world to exceed your spiritual reserves. The demands of life have proved your faith to be insufficient. When you feel you have reached breaking point, you need to return to the fundamentals of your faith, and assure yourself of the presence of God in your life. This will help you to restore the balance in your life so that you can see people and events in the right perspective.

It is definitely not God’s intention to place you under so much pressure that you reach breaking point and collapse under the strain. A living and positive faith is a stabilizing influence under the most confusing circumstances. Possessing such a faith is not a spiritual luxury, but an urgent necessity if you wish to deal with the demands of life successfully.

Realising the necessity of faith is the first step to possessing it. If you are unaware of your need, how will you be able to fulfill it? When you tell the Lord you need His help and trust Him unconditionally you will know that He will carry you through, because you love and trust in Him.

SAY THIS PRAYER: Lord Jesus, through your wisdom and strength i am able to cope with all the demands of life. Keep me close to your heart at all times. (New Beginnings – Solly Ozrovech)



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