“Until the End “

2 Timothy 3 : 11
” You know how much persecution and suffering I have endured. “

The Gospel has been given to us as a source of our identity but for most part, it has become just another religious act.
When we understand who we really are in Jesus Christ, we begin to work from a point of victory. For many of us, victory seems as something of the past all because we give up and surrender before God can come through for us.

Todays scripture finds Paul addressing Timothy – in essence Paul was lifting him up in faith, so that Timothy could withstand the storms which may come. I love how Paul tells Timothy about the ” suffering I have endured ” his choice of words are so fitting in that he admits that he went through hardship but he speaks from a point of victory when he says ” he endured.”

The truth is he never gave up, he pursued to the very end for he knew who Jesus Christ was in him. Contrary to this let us look at Peter, he loved Jesus Christ with all his heart but with all of that being said, when the goings got tough, he took the easy way out and denied Jesus Christ three times ( Luke 22 : 60 ).

Today do you really understand who you are in Jesus Christ or are you just living with the fear of tomorrow. You may have amounted to nothing in the past but Jesus Christ is calling out to you to raise your faith – let us stop being an easy target for the enemy to attack – let us stand firm as we live to be victorious not just today but for every other day of this God given life.
Let today be a turning point for you and your faith, trust God despite the odds and rest in the power that He is the God of the impossible.

Heavenly Father it is so wonderful to start this day and week in your presence. We humble ourselves before you so that we may pause to listen to your Word and your guidance. Things may be difficult right now but because of our faith in you, we can rest assured that you are working behind the scenes on our behalf. Give us the strength to face this day and week ahead and may we step out with confidence and passion knowing that you are our God and your never fail. We love you Father God, we praise you and we glorify your Name, through the sacrifice that your Son, Jesus Christ made at Calvary. Amen.

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