“The Countdown”










On Palm Sunday, 1981, millions of Americans shared a great sense of anticipation as they awaited the liftoff of the manned space shuttle Columbia. More than 80 000 people crowded into Florida’s Kennedy Space Center to witness the launching of the nation’s first space plane. Hundreds of thousands drove to nearby roads for best view they could get. Countless others watched the event on TV, together with millions from around the globe. As the countdown reached the last 10 seconds, the nation counted down in unison. Then the great flying machine rose straight up. Orange flames and vapor engulfed the launch site as sound and shock waves thundered through the air. The hopes of all future manned spaceflight seemed to focus on the success of that long awaited mission.

As promising as that event was, it’s nothing compared with another event – the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to earth. (“Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory” Luke 21:27).










He will asher in the dawn of a new age like we have never seen. When He comes in the clouds with power and glory, all other hopes will look empty and foolish.

The year 2014 is soon to arrive. It is time that we prepare for both the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the entering into a new year. No one knows which of these events can be first. So why not prepare for both, with the understanding that our hearts may be in tune with righteousness (Jesus Christ).

Go into 2014 a new person with renewed physical, emotional, and spiritual energy which can only come from the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. (“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” Philippians 4: 13). Believe it in your heart, and receive it in faith.

2014 Can only be better!

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