Self Inflation (Galations 6: 1-6)

Disaster always results when we try to build ourselves up by minimizing the worth of others. That’s the message of a fable about a little frog who was startled when he looked up and saw an ox drinking out of the pond.

He hopped away to tell his grandfather. Determined that no one should seem larger in the eyes of his grandson than he, the old bullfrog began to puff himself up as he asked “was he bigger than this?” Oh yes! grandfather, answered the little frog, “much larger.” Grandfather frog inflated himself more. Bigger than this? he queried. “Lots bigger” replied the grandson. The old frog began to puff himself until he exploded.


A good self image is healthy, but there is bigger difference between a sense of our God-given worth as His handywork and an ego inflated pride. That’s why we must be quick to acknowledge that what we accomplish is done solely by God’s grace. Only then can we see how foolish it is to promote our selfish interests. The Apostle Paul clearly says in Romans 12: 3 “…to every man that is amomg you, not to think of himself more highly than ye ought to think; but to think soberly,…” If we puff ourselves up, we always get blown out of proportion.

“A successful man is one who can lay a foundation, with the bricks that others throw at him.”