” Open your eyes “

2 Kings 4 : 2

” What can I do to help you? Elisha asked. Tell me what do you have in the house. Nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil, she replied. “

How do you measure your life and the progress that you have made in the Lord as you make every effort to journey away from the past.
When we sit back and look at how far we have grown and improved in the Lord we gain an indication of just how awesome He is in us. Imagine if you were told five years ago that you would be where you currently are now, would you have believed it or would you have laughed it out.

The same correlation is found in todays scripture where we find a widow who has nothing, not even enough oil or jars to add more yet Elisha tells her to borrow more jars and to go home, ” shut the door and pour the olive oil. ” The important characteristic is she did not question, she responded by faith and by Elisha telling her to shut the house door behind her, he effectively told her not to allow the plot or sarcasm of the world to ruin her faith and trust.

How many of us have doubted Gods good plan for our lives ( Jeremiah 29 : 11 ) – you see we may be limited individuals but the God that we serve is awesome and ever faithful. Notice the last instruction that Elisha gives the widow is to set the jar aside once full – for us we may triumph or excel at a particular event / task and want to remain in that comfort zone, yet Elisha tells the widow to move onto the next one.

It is time we opened our eyes to the things beyond us – we need to operate on a faith platform and from a point of victory.












The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has given us every reason to believe and we will not surrender until we meet our God face to face.

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