OUR GREATEST NEED by Pas. Billy Graham

Habakuk 3: 2 “O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years.”

I once asked a university professor what he thought our greatest need was. He said, “I may surprise you, because I’m not a religious man, but i believe that the greatest need that we have at this hour is a spiritual awakening that will restore individual and collective morals and integrity throughout the nation.”

How do we achieve such a renewal?

First, there must be prayer – the kind that springs from deep-seated heart-yearning for revival. We do not need pious platitudes and religious mouthings – but earnest, fervent prayer.

Second, we Christians must forsake our sins, both individually and corporately. We must forsake our pettiness, our peevishness, our littleness, and our conflicts – as well as our evil ways.

Third, God must become real to us. Let the Bible’s truth soak deeply into your heart and mind everyday. Then you will rediscover that God is holy, righteous, absolute, personal, loving and merciful – and this reality will be transferred into action, and revival can come. It has worked before in history. It will work again!

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