Envy Not the Prosperity of The Wicked

Text: Psalm 73: 1-20

A policeman who asked by a local resident, “Do you think you will ever eliminate crime?” The policeman wisely replied, ” I’m not naïve enough to think that crime can be eliminated. There were prostitutes and pickpockets in the days of Christ. There was gambling in the days of the prophets. There will always be some who submit to the soft, glittery pleasures of the world, and it will always be for the spiritually strong to lead them back.”
The statistics in this country regarding criminal offences is, one serious crime is committed every 2 seconds… one robbery every 10 seconds… one murder every 6 seconds.

Verse 1: Look at how Asaph starts this chapter 73.

  1. The Prosperity of the Wicked:
    Asaph, in observing the criminal element in his day, was honest enough to ask God some searching questions:
    ” Is godliness really worth the struggle?
    ” Have I made the wrong choice? V13-16
    ” God, do you really care?
  2. The Remedy for Such Thoughts
    Verse 17, As he drew close to the Lord, the psalmist saw that the wicked would be repaid for their sinfulness and the faithful will receive their great reward. All this will happen in God’s perfect timing.

” You need strength for today which comes from the Lord. (Isaiah 41: 10)
” Stay in obedience to the Father. (2 Corinthians 10: 4-5)

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