Detecting Toxins

“There are some who trouble you and want to pervert the Gospel of Christ.” Galatians 1: 7

San Francisco and New York City are using bluegill fish to check for the presence of toxins in their water supply, which could be a possible target for a terrorist attack. A small number of bluegills are kept in a tank at the bottom of some water treatment plants because the fish are sensitive to chemical inbalances in their environment. When a disturbance is present in the water, the bluegills react to it.

Like these bluegills, Paul wanted the Galatians to beware of and react against many toxic disturbance in the “true Gospel” that was being preached. The toxin was being defined as the false principle that God grants acceptance to people and considers them righteous on the basis of their obedience to a set of rules (especially circumcision and dietary laws). In short, obedience to the law was needed, apart form faith in Jesus. This false teaching was a toxic disturbance of the truth and the Galatians were told to react strongly against it. Paul said that anyone preaching a gospel that is not based on grace through faith in Christ alone should be accursed (Gal. 1: 8-9).

Let’s faithfully study the Scriptures so we can detect the toxins of false teaching and proclaim the truth of God’s wonderful salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


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