” Choose to be obedient “

Genesis 2 : 16 – 17
” But the Lord God warned Him ( Adam ) you may freely eat the fruit of every tree in the garden – except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat its fruit. You are sure to die. “

Freedom is something we have inherited through Jesus Christ but with freedom comes responsibility and obedience in living well.
If we are to live well we need to be careful not to get side tracked into doubting Gods goodness for us and in return giving the enemy a foot hold in our lives. The enemy used the goodness of Gods request unto Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and turned it around as if God wanted them to ruin.

The question many may ask is why did God ask them to refrain from eating of that particular tree as in todays verse – if we look at the build up of events before and after Adam and Eve’s sinful act we see that immediately after eating the forbidden fruit they became exposed and their conscience set in. Prior to them eating from the forbidden tree, they lived a free and conscience free life which allowed them to seek after God and live life to its full.

Today God has sent Jesus Christ as the final sacrifice that despite the sin of Adam and Eve we do not need to suffer. You see when we allow our conscience and self-realisation to set in we lose focus of who we are in Jesus Christ and we begin second guessing.
How often do you doubt yourself or your ability, the more you may think of something the more you see yourself failing and we automatically lose track of the God that we serve. This explains why God sent Jesus Christ to save us from perishing ( John 3 : 16 ) that we may become fully devoted believers and with that we may lose our grip on worry, stress and anxiety in trying to live this life according to our ways and standards.

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