” Bigger Purpose “

Genesis 37 : 28
” So when the Ishmaelite’s, who were Midianite traders, came by, Josephs brothers pulled him out of the cistern and sold him to them for 20 pieces of silver “

You may often be told that you are destined for success in the Lord, you are more than a conqueror and somehow you find that hard to believe.
For many of us, the difficulty in absorbing this comes as a result of present circumstances – things may look so out of sorts in the natural, that you wonder how can good come out of this – but time after time God has shown us His faithfulness.

In the story of Joseph, Jacobs son, we see the hand of God in mighty ways – Joseph could have had a life in total contrast to what really happened. He could have been killed by his brothers ( verso 20 ), he could have been abandoned ( verse 22 ) but God chose for him to reach his destined place, Egypt, even though it was through his brothers selling him into slavery.

You see to this natural man, this could seem as the end of everything but do we fail to realise that when we dedicate our lives to God, nothing happens by chance or out of His will for us. Being sold for pieces of silver seemed like the lowest form of rebellion, even Jesus Christ was sold / betrayed for silver but look at how God used those situations to bring about glory.

Joseph became second in charge of Egypt and was trusted and depended upon to perform duties which ensured Egypt would be sustained – Jesus Christ redeemed an entire nation with His life and made todays word / life a reality. So ask yourself, are you still tempted to complain over why your life or its situation may not make sense or will you go down in prayer and seek God for His wisdom and guidance.
It is so amazing how much Gods glory is revealed when we raise our faith to another level – let us be encouraged by powerful people like Jesus and Joseph and allow our faith to lead our life forward.

Heavenly Father you are the author and creator of all living things. You have called us into being and we rest in the power of your grace and mercy. Let your anointing flow Father God, help us to be strengthened in faith not just to face this day but for all eternity. Thank you for your promises Lord, your promise that you are greater than what may come at us. We lift up your name, we stand united by faith that whatever happens in our lives is not a matter of chance but ordered by you. You have a plan that not many may understand, we trust you Lord, we love you and we give you all the glory through your One and Only Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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