45th years Celebration Service

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We had a blessed day on the 17th Ocktober 2010 celebrating the 45th year of the Chatsworth Baptist Church. We were blessed by the word, praise & worship and a great meal. Here is a video of Pastor Stephen  opening the celebration in prayer

3 thoughts on “45th years Celebration Service

  1. Lorianne

    I just wanted to share this – I received it today via e-mail.

    Jesus said in Mark 11: “Whoever says to this mountain, be removed, and does not doubt in his heart, he will have whatever he says.” What does this mean? People of faith speak to their obstacles.

    There is incredible power released by God when we speak to our mountains. A mountain is a situation in your life that seems permanent and impossible. It may be a mountain in your marriage; you don’t see how you’ll stay together. A mountain in your finances; it doesn’t look like you’ll ever get out of debt or ever accomplish your dreams. Maybe it’s a mountain in your health. The experts have said that you’re never going to get well. It’s good to pray. It’s good to believe. It’s good to quote scriptures. But the mountains move when we speak to them in Jesus’ powerful name. Learn to say each day, “I speak favor over my finances. I speak health to my body. I speak peace into my family. I speak blessings into my future.”

    God wants you to be bold, and in faith, speak to your mountains! It’s time to say, “Mountain, be removed! You will not defeat me in Jesus’ name.”

  2. Stephanie Naidoo

    The Lord honors your obedience..Congratulations Chatsworth Baptist Church..may the Lords favor always rest upon you as you continue to labor in His vineyard! Thank you for the role that you have played in my walk with the Lord..

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