We Are At War

Ephesians 6:12 (NKJV) For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Are you a believer, a follower of Jesus Christ? Have you been washed by His blood? Have you put your faith in Him and the sacrifice He made for us on the cross? If you answered “yes” to these questions, I want to tell you something. Some of you may already know this, but some of you may be surprised. We are in a war. I’m not talking about a war of guns or bombs. This is not a war of knives, spears, chains or any other kind of “natural” war. We are in a spiritual war. Every single minute of every day there is a war being fought. We don’t see it in the natural. But it’s happening nonetheless. The spiritual world is one of constant battles. They are being waged and fought on so many fronts across the entire world. And we are a part of that war, whether we realize it or not. Satan and his demons fight for our souls. They fight to tear down everything that God has done to secure our eternal future. They fight to destroy us, both physically and spiritually. As followers of Christ, we are also soldiers. Or at least we should be. We have been enlisted to do battle with the enemy and keep him in check while we’re here on this earth. So we need to take this war seriously. We need to understand it and we need to know what part we play in it and what God wants of us. We need to be good soldiers!2 Timothy 2:4 (NKJV) No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. So ask God today what role He wants you to play in this war. What does He want you to do each day? Who can you pray for? Who can you encourage? What powers of darkness does He want you to rebuke and bind? There are so many things we need to be busy doing as a soldier for Christ in God’s army.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the armour of protection   in your holy name Amen

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