I am sure that all of us here are getting into Christmas shopping mode. It is noticeable that the malls are getting busier and the pace is picking up. Shopping for presents and food and other delicacies is the norm at this time of the year. But, have we stopped to question the reason for this excitement which brings on the shopping frenzy, Christmas parties, joyous hosting and entertaining of friends and family get-togethers. I am sure many of you are used to someone telling you that Jesus Christ was born on this day, thus the reason for this celebration, and this is a fact. Jesus Christ was born on this day.

We are all familiar with and have heard through the years of the miraculous conception of the baby Jesus. Equally familiar to us the nativity scene which is depicted beautifully at shopping malls and on our Christmas cards.

The earthly chronology and facts have not changed through the years. But, child of God, sons and daughters of the most High God, brothers and sisters…..what does the birth of Jesus signify for us?

The Manger Scene

The original manger scene was hardly an idyllic place like that which is depicted on our Christmas cards. It was in probability a cold, dark, damp and dirty cave with an equally dirty hollowed- out  feeding- trough filled with  remnants of straw left by stray livestock.  Joseph had travelled a great distance with his heavily pregnant wife. All enquiries for accommodation were met with the words, ‘Sorry- No Room.’  Mary’s condition made it imperative for them to stop and get ready for the birth of baby Jesus.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, entered this world under circumstances which was unfit for His royal presence. Can you begin to imagine the scene…God’s greatest gift to mankind entering this world under such lowly circumstances. Even the name that was given to Him, a name which is above every other name, ‘JESUS ‘ meaning SAVIOUR, and ‘CHRIST’  meaning ‘MESSIAH’ or ‘ANNONTED ONE’ ;  was forced to make his entrance into this world  under the conditions that he had.

What this signifies is that, the willingness of a Holy and Almighty God, to allow His precious Son to enter our world, darkened and dirtied by sin and immorality, is reason enough for us to be thankful.

Have you got room for Jesus?

God did not require that the people clean up their act first in order to make room for Jesus?   When Jesus comes into our lives, He accepts us as we are- then He works His transformation in us. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is God’s final and most sacrificial revelation. Jesus Christ is the only power capable of transforming and recreating us. As the heir of all the treasures of heaven and earth, Christ stands ready and able to help restore those who come to Him with empty hands, in full acknowledgement of their sins and their needs.

What sign have you put out? Are you going to put out a sign saying, “sorry , no room,” or is Jesus welcome to have an abiding place in your heart and home?

Believers, when we are willing to accept our inability to save ourselves and surrender our lives to the One who came to save us, we become joint heirs with Him. Just imagine, the Son of God, shares prime position and we CAN TOO.

  • At God’s right hand, Jesus enjoys endless Joy – so do we.
  • At God’s right hand, Jesus is head over ALL things – so are we.
  • At God’s right hand, Jesus sits in infinite majesty and might – so do we.
  • With Jesus at the Fathers right hand, we are indescribably rich and victorious :

We as joint heirs :

  • Become victors NOT victims
  • Grow from strength to strength and DON’T grovel
  • Soar like the eagle and NOT sink
  • Are overcomers and are NOT overwhelmed

Spiritual rebirth is necessary to enter into the Kingdom of God. Being born again is the easy passive part – just like a baby through the natural birth process. The challenge comes as we grow up and must choose to submit our wills to the control of God’s spirit. As we make the choice and progress spiritually, we are transformed by God in this process. Transformation is not attained by trying harder to live a better life. It is the result of growing in the grace of God as we continually surrender our lives to Him. It is the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit that takes place as we yield ourselves to Him.

Faith says “YES” to God’s loving mercy and grace to us. God cared enough about us to send His only begotten Son – Jesus Christ – to pay from our failures. (John 3v16). Jesus lowly entry into this world was indicative of the state of this world. Human effort was not enough to save us from the sin that was pervading the world.

Admitting to our failures and declaring in faith that we accept the forgiveness and pardon offered to us through Jesus Christ, delivers us from the consequences of sin. It gives us the power to makes changes in the present that will plant seeds for a new life.

In Jesus, God has :

  • Given us a supernatural Son (His birth)
  • A substitute for our sins
  • An all sufficient saviour
  • A Son who is, “the resurrection and the Life.”
  • A Son who is the coming Lord

The names that were given to Christ by the Father, can help us understand God’s gracious and loving purpose for us – Isaiah 9v6 – “and unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given and the world shall rest upon his shoulders. He shall be called Counsellor, Mighty God….” It is a revelation of God’s purpose for mankind.

The prophets were God’s mouthpiece in the Old Testament. Now His message is spoken through His very own Son – John 1v14 – So the Word became human and dwelt here on earth among us. It was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen His glory…”

We sing the carol, “Joy to the world the Lord is come, let earth receive her king….”

There was great jubilation and celebration then and now of the birth of the Saviour of the world. Then even the timid shepherds overcame their initial shock and fear after the angels appeared to them. They were simple folk who readily believed. They didn’t need signs and miracles nor were their hearts hardened that they denied who Jesus was.

How are you going to receive your Saviour brothers and sisters? Is there room for Jesus in your life?

And the next line of the carol goes… “let every heart prepare Him room…”

Are you going to turn Him away and say – “sorry, no room.” Let Christ fill every area (room) in your life. Give Jesus the prime spot in your life and stand on His promises for that is what He was sent for.

I pray that in the midst of rejoicing in the birth of Jesus this month, you gift Him with :

  • Your song……you can
  • Your testimony…….you may
  • Your LIFE……..YOU MUST!!!

A blessed festive season to you and yours and may the Light that came to save the world illuminate your heart and your homes always.

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