In The Car Wash

Isaiah 43: 2 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.”

I’ll never forget my first experience using an automatic car wash. Approaching it with the dread of going to the dentist, i pushed the money into the slot, nervously checked and rechecked my windows, eased the car up to the line, and waited. Powers beyond my control began moving my car forward as if on a conveyor belt. There was i, cocooned inside, when a thunderous rush of water hit my car from all directions. What if i get stuck in here or water crashes in? I thought irrationally. Suddenly the waters ceased. After a blowdry, my car was propelled into the outside world again, clean and polished.

In the midst of all this, I remember stormy times in my life when it seemed i was on a conveyor belt, a victim of forces beyond my control. “Car wash experiences,” I now call them. I remember that whenever i passed through deep waters my Redeemer had been with me, sheltering me against the rising tide (Ish. 43: 2). When i came out on the other side, which i always did, i was able to say with joy and confidence, “HE IS A  FAITHFUL GOD!”

Are you in the middle of a car-wash experience? Trust God to bring you through to the other side. You’ll then be a shining testimony of His keeping power.   (by Joanie Yoder)



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