“He is despised and rejected by men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” Isaiah 53: 3

Throughout His earthly life, Jesus was constantly exposed to personal criticism and rejection. At the beginning of His ministry, His own town folk at Nazareth tried to hurl Him down from the brow of the hill (Luke 4:29). The religious and political leaders constantly argued with Him and conspired to kill Him. At length He was arrested and brought to trial before Pilate and Herod. Even though He was guiltless of the accusations, He was denounced as an enemy of God and man, and not worthy to live.

How did He respond to criticism and rejection?

First, with steadfastness. He did not tone down His message, nor did He stop doing what He knew was right. Second, with strength. Ahead of Him was the cross – but He did not lose courage or shrink from what He knew was God’s will. Third, with submission. When Herod prodded Him to defend Himself, “He answered him nothing” (Luke 23:9). Only one thing mattered: fulfilling God’s purpose for His life.


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