Conquering the storms in 2014

Psalm 86:10 (NKJV) For You are great, and do wondrous things; You alone are God.

As I was doing some things today, sorting out my thoughts and contemplating my life in general right now, in light of everything we’re going through, one thing came to mind.

You alone are God.

Life can throw some pretty harsh stuff at us. We all have different things to deal with and nobody really ever knows what we’re dealing with, except ourselves and God. I’m referring to everyone who is reading this. We all have things that come our way and we have to sort through it all, make the right choices, hear God’s voice in the middle of the storms and keep moving forward with our lives.Our flesh and our minds can have a hard time dealing with everything, but in the midst of our storms, He alone is God.

He alone can calm the seas. He alone can bring peace when the waves are crashing all around us.

And He alone can reach out, take our hand and pluck us out of the terrifying, storm-ravaged sea when we’re just about to go under.

So in the midst of your own personal trials and tribulations, look to Him and tell Him; “You alone are God”.

Thank you Lord Jesus


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