” All to see “

Psalm 55 : 10
” Cast your cares upon the Lord, He will sustain you “

Are you proud of who you are in the Lord and for the progress you have made or do you turn a blind eye to everything around you.
How do you feel when life is placed at your forefront and equally what are you doing about it. The dynamics which remain is that those who attempt and pursue success, actually attain it. It is never about having the qualities or attributes but rather about the desire / determination present within.
You see with drive comes vision which leads to victory and if we just look at Jesus Christ and the Cross we see it. Many may encounter obstacles which bring us down and leave us feeling demotivated and less confident and the truth is that is how the enemy wants to see us – the actual point which weighs us down is the cares of this world and all that surrounds us.
The monthly bills, the difficult teenage kids and the list could go on but are we just allowing that to dictate our lives or are we doing something about it. Maybe we feel we are at a dead end, we could have tried everything and failed to overcome the enemy buthave we really tried Jesus Christ, in all of His fullness. Have you ever wondered why at certain intervals life seems so busy and chaotic that you may feel that you are moving in reverse – we believe that God is actually keeping us occupied to prevent us from engaging in the wrong side of life.
You see sometimes in our life things can be adjusted to give us that extra space and others are beyond our control – it is at that time that we hand the things we find difficult to God and handle the things we can well – we are achievers in the Lord, let no man / situation tell us otherwise.

Father God thank you for giving us life in all of its fullness. Lord we come before you knowing that by your spirit we are safely tucked under your wings. Let your river of blessings flow into our lives, that we may freely share with those around us. Your word says that you have a plan for our lives, that your grace is sufficient for us and in the Name of Jesus Christ we have been given everything in advance. Be with us as we go into this day, let us encounter your Spirit in a deeper way and may we give all praise back to Heaven, back to Jesus Christ our tower of strength. Amen.

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